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Order Octopoda: Suborder Cirrata

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Opisthoteuthis agassizii
Little is known about the finned octopuses in the suborder Cirrata as they are found in the deep sea. Voss (1988) describes them as "soft-bodied, semigelatinous animals with a pair of small to large fins, a deep and sometimes complicated web and a relatively large, single internal shell." Cirrate octopuses lay large eggs which may indicate that the hatchlings are well developed and adult-like in behavior (Voss 1988).

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A thank you goes to Mike Vecchione at the National Museum of Natural History for providing the above picture of an Opisthoteuthis agassizii. The photograph was taken from a sub at a depth of 586 m and a bottom temperature of 6.6 degrees Celcius (Vecchione and Roper, 1991).


Vecchione, M. and C.F.E. Roper. 1991. Cephalopods observed from submersibles in the western north Atlantic. Bulletin of Marine Science. 49(1-2): 433-445.
Voss, G.L. 1988. The biogeography of the deep-sea Octopoda. Malacologia. (29)1: 295-307

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