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Sepia pharaonis, the Pharaoh Cuttlefish

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Sepia pharaonisThis cuttlefish lives in warm water (30°C) and is fast growing. They mate and spawn at 110 days and their life span is 240 days. They lay about 1500 eggs which take 14 days to develop at 28°C. Males are larger than females and most are larger than 1 kg (similiar in size to S. officinalis).

These cuttlefish are being mass cultured in Thailand and they are occasionally available in the aquarium trade. The NRCC also is culturing them on a much smaller scale.

References and Credits


Thanks to John Forsythe for the excellent cuttlefish shot.

The animal in the shot is a 2nd lab generation male raised at NRCC from eggs collected in the Gulf of Thailand.


Forsythe, J Pers. Comm.
Nabhitabhata, J (1995) Mass culture of cephalopods in Thailand. World Aquaculture 26; 25-29

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