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References and Credits

The Cephalopod Page uses many images generously donated by scientists and underwater photographers from all over the world. The source of pictures and text written by others is always credited at the bottom of the page it appears on. In most cases the photographers' name has also been into incorporated the images. A list of all photographers that have donated images and their email addresses (when available) appears in the faq page. A warm thank you goes to all the scientists, divers and hobbyists who have either submitted material for these pages or have provided constructive criticism.

Frequently used References

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References and Credits

The Cephalopod Page (TCP), © Copyright 1995-2018, was created and is maintained by Dr. James B. Wood, Associate Director of the Waikiki Aquarium which is part of the University of Hawaii. Please see the FAQs page for cephalopod questions, Marine Invertebrates of Bermuda for information on other invertebrates, and and the Census of Marine Life for general information on marine biology.